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Enjoy a no boundary approach to boat shopping!  For the first time ever.... through our demo calendar system, you will be able to request the best date and time that is good for you. 

So, join us and take this opportunity to lean what so many people are talking about.  

See our "DEMO ONLINE BOOKING" page to schedule a personal up-close look at your favorite Cutwater model.  It is a day of understanding what a true Pilot House can do for you.   

Through this page you will be able to see which Cutwater models are available for demo and where. 


Through our complimentary orientation program our team will ensure you become familiar with every aspect of your new yacht in order to confidently cruise solo or with a partner.   

Orientation can last as long as two days and encompasses a comprehensive walk-through of all on-board systems, cruising the area, docking and maneuvering the vessel in and around the marina.  In the event you plan to trailer your new Cutwater we will demonstrate both the launching and loading of the vessel including the needed preparation for over the road travel. 

As part of our orientation program each new owner will receive complimentary dockage, reduced fuel at the pump and lunch at our on-site restaurant.   

FINANCING & INSURANCE has one of the largest NATIONWIDE networks of funding sources and insurance providers to make sure that you enjoy the best rates as well as a quick turnaround.  

  • Personal service 

  • Fixed Rates as low as 3.99%

  • NO DOC loans available up to $199,999

  • USCG documentation and Title services


  • We have a vast network of over the road boat transporters to easily maneuver your vessel throughout the United States and Canada.  With only a few days notice we can have you boating in areas like the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, Atlantic Seaboard, the West Coast or even Canada.  Give us a call to discuss the possibilities that other boats can't offer. 

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